Savings on Topdeck


Hey Guys! I’m Tara and I’m a super dedicated agent with a youth agency! :yellow_heart::black_heart:

If you’re in Australia and in the process of planning your dream Topdeck getaway, send me a message! It will ALWAYS be cheaper to book your trip through me rather than online - crazy discounts like 15% off, plus book any trip 15+ days and get an extra $100 off, on top of the huge discount! You’ll always get a cheeky extra discount when you book with me, plus I can make your holiday planning super simple! :smile:

Look forward to helping you with your travel plans!

Next Trip : Topdeck Scenic Scandi in July/August😍

37 countries and counting! :earth_americas:

*discounts are for everyone, not just students!


Hi Tara,

Could you please give me some more information about this? I am wanting to do this Scenic Scandi trip and am wondering if it is possible for me to get the 15% discount please :slight_smile:

Thank you,


Have sent you a message Kazia!! :smile:


There’s a great site called Europe Travel Deals that has loads of good travel discounts & up to date Topdeck discount code & deals :slight_smile: