Samui Sunsets 14 August to 22 August


Hey guys!
I’m about to book the Samui Sunsets trip from 14 to 22 August and keen to find out who else is coming? :smile:


Hi Allan
I’ve just booked onto this trip, although because it’s so late I have to wait 3 days for confirmation of the booking, fingers crossed!


Hey Nicki!

I’m also waiting the 3 days to see as I think they need to check if there’s still accomodation.

Hopefully I’ll see you there in a few days though!


Have you had your booking confirmed yet Allan? I got an email this afternoon and have just booked flights.


Hey Nicki.
Ya I also got confirmation yesterday!
Do you know anyone else on the tour?


No I don’t know anyone else on the trip. I booked my flights last night and will be arriving in Koh Samui on the morning ofSat 13th. Have you booked with topdeck before, do you know what to expect? I can’t wait now.


Ok cul, me neither.
Also flying in on the 13th but in the evening. Where are you planning on staying that night if I may ask?
Haven’t don’t a topdeck or contiki before so no idea how exactly it works, but from what I heard and read it’s going to be AMAZING :astonished:


I have asked Topdeck to book me an extra night at the first hotel for the 13th (was cheaper than I could get it myself) so I’ll be there 4 nights. It looks like a lovely place so I don’t think I’ll struggle to sit by the pool for an extra day - bliss!!! I am staying 2 extra nights after the trip ends too but haven’t booked any accommodation for then just yet. I’m sooooooo excited!!! Are you British?


Ok cul. I’ll also email them and see if they can do the same for me as well.
I’m actually South African! :smile:
Have you got that topdeck app?


I’ve just done it now, yes.