Sailing trip alone?



I was thinking about booking one of the Croatia topdeck sailing trips and I was just wondering do many people go on them on their own?

I done a trip in America last summer and it was 13 single travellers and we all got on so well but I think it would be different if I was the only person on my own?

Any advice?




I’m looking at going on a Croatian sailing trip alone as well in Sept 2012. I’m pretty sure 50% of people that travel go alone so it should be no issue. You’ll meet heaps of people around your age and I’m sure it will be lots of fun.

It will be my first time so i don’t have any advice to give :slight_smile:




I have booked a Croatia Sailing Tour in July and am going it alone! I know a lot of people who have done it alone and said its the best experience! So I am looking forward to meeting new people! ;D


Im looking into September too! Travelling alone :slight_smile:


thanks for share trip alone I’m contact soon …


If I would have a chance to have a sailing trip I want to spend it with special someone. Sailing is kinda romantic :slight_smile: