Sail Croatia


Hi All, [br][br]wanting to know whether anyone has Sailed Croatia via Top Deck before and also to get some feedback, tips etc[br][br]Cheers, [br][br]Toni[br][br]:wink:


Hey im going on a croatia sailing trip in july, im also keen to hear from other people who have been on this tour or going on one soon.


Hi, I haven’t been on this tour, but I’ll be going too, in August![br]


Hi, Tania here… I’ll be doing this tour for the [first time] 9th August. Veeery excited!![br]Sun is already shining in Croatia, so it should be a lovely summer. Can hardly wait to relax on the boat, soak up the sun & swim in the crystal clear meditteranean 8-)[br]


Bring it on! i cant wait, i have 6 weeks to go. Im leaving on 26th July. im hanging out for some sun after not having a winter for a year and a half!


Hey guys I have done Sail Croatia before but not with TopDeck, although I don’t think it matters who you go with cause once you get on the boat its all run by the local people.[br]I can’t recommend this highly enough!!! It was the most relaxing trip I think I have ever done and the boat crew were awesome! I had my 30th birthday on the boat and they put on a BBQ, got me really drunk and got me a HUGE choclate cake, couldn’t ask for anything better really.[br]Once you’re on the boat you get a hot lunch and breakfast everyday and then you lie on the deck all afternoon sailing and now and then stop in the middle of the ocean for a dip. The islands you stop at are an amazing sight some some rocking pubs, bars and clubs![br]Its something you should definately do if you can.[br]All the best![br]Danielle[br][br]Danielle[br]Aussie living in Uk[br]Mega European July 6.


Wow, thanks for the info…now I’m getting EXTRA EXCITED ;)[br][br]Any tips on what to pack (besides light)?? Can I get away with just flip flop shoes (thongs)?


From memory I only took sandals and flip flops and had no problems. I went at the end of June and it was very hot and humid and I imagine it is worse in July so only take light comfortable clothes. Most of the time we lazed about in our swimmers and a sarong. Take something nice to wear to the clubs as often the locals were very dressed up.[br][br]


I have a question about getting to Split. Any ideas on the best way to get there from Munich?? I see there is an overnight bus that goes daily but not 100% sure about going on it. Ive looked into flights and there arent any going from munich that would get me there in time for my tour.[br][br]any other suggestions?? [br][br]Cheers![br]


Croatia is absolutely perfect for sailing. It offers hundreds of anchorages and islands where da s free ship virtually stopped. If you can not borrow your own boat, I suggest you first see the different moorings and captains directly tell where you want to navigate. They have a lot of friendly relations between them and you do something then unnecessarily costs :slight_smile: Have a nice map anchorages mas example here:


Your post is very interesting and useful for them who want to travel
, good job!


Hello! I haven’t been sailing with Top Deck, but I have experience with Sail Week Croatia
, had a great time last year and this year aswell. The weather wasn’t really the best this season, but we still had fun sailing because of my friends, it wouldn’t have been the same without them. What i can say about Sail Week Croatia is that i really don’t have much experience sailing, but according to me and my personal opinion, the service given was the best! :smiley: Lovely staff, nice and comfy yacht and the food was awesome! So, i warmly recommend it, you have nothing to lose :smiley:


Hi all you lovely travellers! I am thinking of doing the Croatia Spilt to Split sailing tour at the end of June/beginning of July next year and was wondering if anyone else was thinking of going then? Also, what does everyone think of me booking it solo and not having a group of friends come with me? I am a very social person and find it very easy to get along with others!
Thanks x


Hey Madi! I’m doing the Split to Split sail next year but towards the mid/end of July because I’m doing another Top Deck tour prior to the sail for 2 weeks which finishes just before we plan to do our sail. I’m doing the tour solo but then I’m meeting up with some friends for the sail. Were you planning to do any other travels or just the sail?


Hi Claudia, wow that sounds great! Whereabouts are you heading prior to the sail? I’m not too sure of my exact travel plans before the sail but I’ll be traveling in Europe most likely from June 2nd. I have decided to book the June 24th - July 1st split to split sail tour, are you available for those dates?


I can’t fly out until 2nd of July because of my uni exams so I was planning to do a 2 week topdeck tour around Europe (thinking either European Pathway 5th-21st July or European Wonder 6th-19th July) and then donCroatia sail around the 22nd July


Hey I’m doing one of the sailing trips in july and am also travelling solo from what I’ve read from reviews and things it’s really easy to meet people so I wouldn’t worry about going by yourself


Sailing trip in Croatia is probably the best tour trip I ever had. The coast is just beautiful there, crystal sea and adorable small towns.