Sail Croatia - Split to Split from Jul 08th - 15th 2017 Questions


So looking at these dates from Melbourne Australia was wondering if anyone had some advice.

First off, do you need to book through a Travel Agent, or is doing it through the TopDeck site safe, reliable and secure?

I can’t seem to tell how to book A+ or A as I want to book A+ with Air Conditioning in room but there’s no real option in the booking selections besides ensuite or no ensuit?

How long do early Bird sales usually go for and are there any other promo codes I should know about to save the most money possible?

Finally I can’t tell the dfference between the 3 types of sail:
Moja Maja

Does anyone what the differences are by any chance?

P.S anyone looking at doing the trip at this time hit me up, can’t wait I bet it’s going to be amazing!


Hey I’m booked on the same dates but sailing Dubrovnik to Split though I think both trips dock at some of the same ports on the same dates and from reading reviews everyone from all boats heads put together. I booked through the topdeck site though if you are wanting to get your flights and everything in one booking a travel agent might be best. Ifor you download the brochure it has a grid which shows which class of boat sailing on which dates. Hope that helps