Safety and Security



I was just wondering if you could give me an insight into bag security on Topdeck tours or travelling to Europe in general? I have heard a few stories of people getting items stolen out of daypacks and other types of luggage.
In general what can I do to minimise this?
Would padlocks on daypacks and suitcases help?
What is security like in hostels during the day when we are out on tours, should I try and secure it some how? Am I being to cautious and nervous?

Thanks in advance for any advice.



I don’t know exactly what the theft rates etc are, but I’m firm believer of it’s better to be safe than sorry. My boyfriend and I are going to have padlocks on every single compartment/zipper of our main packs AND day packs. Also, we have bought a ‘pacsafe retractasafe’ from gogogear ( That way we can actually cable lock our bags to something if needed (either our main packs in the room while we are away, or our day packs to tables while eating etc).

Hope this helps,


hey use padlocks on everything and you should be fine. My friend had a backpack and she sometimes used a lock if were going to be in busy place, but since it was a small bag she just wore at the front of her. Also i used a shoulder bag with a zip and that was probably the best option