Ryanair flights


Hey everyone![br][br]I have booked some cheap flights from Manchester to Dublin over the internet and have received my confirmation email etc. I was just wondering if anyone else has booked flights through them and how it works exactly? Do you just check in on the day or do you receive tickets through the mail?[br][br]Also, I really would like to go to Santorini in Greece while I’m in the UK. Has anyone else been and if so, any tips on getting there and accomodation?[br][br]Thanks! Lauren


Hey Lauren,[br][br]There is a reference code on your confirmation email and that is your ticket. Don’t think any airlines post tickets these days, especially budget airlines!! [br]The crappy thing about Ryanair is that if you don’t have a EU passport you have to check in at the airport and they charge you a fee for not checking in online.[br][br]Michaela


Just to warn you, Ryan Air is AWFUL, the worst airline i have ever travelled with. Probably not so bad if you have some tips, so i will give you a bit of advice.[br][br]You can only travel with 15kgs, and they will try and charge you for anything and everything so be prepared. Keep your luggage weight down. You are allowed 10kgs as hand luggage if that helps.[br][br]The staff are very rude, so dont expect friendlyness. You dont get a seat number either, its just a free for all. And they very rarely run on time so dont book trains etc too close to your arrival time.[br][br]Apart from that they are cheap, so just try to keep your luggage down ;-)[br][br]Hope that helps[br][br]Sarah


I have also booked a Ryanair flight. I have no previous experience with them but I was looking for the cheapest flight i could get! Do you know if they are frequently off schedule? (and if so by lots?!). I figured if I showed up 2hr prior to flight that would be good right? (I am flying fron England to Austria). I was a little worried about the luggage weight, I think our flights here are allowed 20kg but it is good to know i can shove a lot into my carryon if I have to !![br][br]I am Canadian




Thanks a lot for all your tips guys :slight_smile: I’ll definitely go in not expecting much and hopefully won’t be too disappointed!