Russian Visa


I’m applying for my Russian visa for the Red Star Special trip that leaves on June 29th but am not completely sure how to go about it. Did anyone that has already got theirs go though a visa service like or did you just do it on your own? Any tips? Help![br][br][br]Kelsy


I got the form off my travel agent with all the tour paper work and sent it to Russian Embassy here i New Zealand myself. You need to be prepared and ake sure you have everything tho or they wont process it, also make sure sure you allow enough time as they tend to use the full 10 working days to process it.


Yah, I’m leaning towards doing it myself. I just don’t want to do anything wrong and not get it in time! The fact that I have to get it all right makes me second guess myself![br]


I don’t know if our visa form is any different from yours.[br]I did my own by myself which was easy enough. My only stress was when I sent the passport off to get the visa and was worried about it getting lost.[br]Just find the website of the russian embassy near where you live and they will tell you what is needed to be included.[br]I’d apply for it asap though, then you won’t have to worry about it if it’s a little bit late.[br]In Australia, there is different costs to how soon you want it back. Of course it’s more expensive to get done if you want it back quickly.[br]Good luck :)[br][br]I leave Australia in about 2 weeks for the same tour :slight_smile:


When are you travelling ?[br]I ran into the problem that I applied for it too early they will only issue 3 months out from entry unless you are leaving your country more than 3 months from entry, then they try to hold it up to as close to the 3 months as posible. Other than that I had no problems getting it.


I leave in less than two three months so that shouldn’t be a problem. I’m just worried about filling something in wrong![br][br]


I just had a look at the form that you need to fill in for your visa. It is almost identical to the Australia form.[br]So, it should be easy enough (but I was actually worried about the same thing as well).[br]Did you book your tour yourself or through a travel agent? Your travel agent should be able to help you with it if you have any problems.[br]If your posting your passport for visa, all you need to do is include the documents that your travel agent has given you with a return envelope to the embassy. I’d assume if there was any problems they would mail it back to you.[br]If your taking it in to the embassy, they will probably just send you away to fix it up.[br]At least if it gets sent back now and there is a problem you still have at least 2 months in order to fix it.[br]As, it was said to me… try not too worry about it too much. Things should be fine but I know from doing my own it’s hard not to :-[


I have been to Russia and had the same worries as you, just make sure you have all the paperwork they ask for and take 2 copies of the form you need to fill in just in case there is a mistake or something. Are you applying for it in Cananda? I know in the Uk where I got mine they held on to my passport for a week, which was nerve racking, but I got it back. you can get it the same day but it can cost twice as much.[br]Good luck!!!;)[br][br]Danielle[br]Aussie living in Uk[br]Mega European July 6.


For the paper work do you know what you put for Russian department or organizations to be visited? Is this just the list of hostels/hotels? And what about for index and name of the tour group? Tour group is topdeck obviously, but what’s the index? Also, since you got sent two copies of your invitation to enter the country, do you keep one and mail off the other with your visa application? Paperwork always confuses me![br][br]Kels


For the Australian application, I recieved 4 pages from the travel agent in which I had to send.[br]The 1st one in english which is called accommodation voucher which lists when you enter and exit russia and what hotels you are staying at. The next three are in Russian so I can’t exactly read what they say lol.[br]“Company or organisation in Russia to be visited or name and Reference No of Russian tour agency” - I just put top deck and my travel agent said that they will stick the correct number of the tour in there.[br]I can’t help you with the index part sorry. I’m not too sure about that one.[br]I know this probably isn’t a lot of help though, seeing your from Canada so may be different.[br]Good luck


Mine should hopefully be ready tomorrow! Fingers crossed that there weren’t any problems![br]Theses applications are a little unclear. The “Russian department or organizations to be visited” section, that I didn’t know how to answer either, was a little different in French. For that same square they asked “buildings, institutions to visit”. lol. And I have no idea for the index thing either.