Russian Scandi 26th May


hi My name is Elizabeth
I am on this tour, would love to hear from anyone else going. so excited!!!


Hi Lizzie, think I’m joining your tour in Tallinn. Can’t wait to get over there!!


hi lizzie, im on the scandi express from 26th may, but i think from stockholm we go to oslo. im from perth too :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply, it is getting close now. i think our tour is really cool because you meet up with lots of different tours along the way.

have you guys looked into what the temperature is like over there are you taking warmish clothes.


i checked the temps and it will be about 20ish degrees, but i think it will get colder toward russia


Russia is not that cold ) Expect 20 to 30 degrees in June in the cities you’ll visit.


Thanks for the feedback, so i don’t need to squeeze in that jacket!