Russian Revelations


Hey,[br][br]I’m thinking of doing the Russian Revelations tour in August but I’ve got a few questions.[br][br]Are Top Deck tours (specifically this tour) similar to Contiki, in that there is a lot of drinking and picking up? I heard even the tour guides get into it and are encouraged to make sure people go out and drink. [br][br]Don’t get the wrong impression - like most Australians I’m always up for a drink or two and I know that of course with young people, there will be lots of drinking and hooking up. I guess I’m more interested in meeting like minded people and enjoying travelling without a hangover every day and without the pressure of having to drink all night or having sleazy guys constantly on the prowl. [br][br]Also has anyone done this tour? What’s it like?[br][br]Thanks,[br]Aussie


Hi Aussie, [br][br]I did the Russian Revelations tour in Sept 04. I had a brilliant time. Russia was so different that it was amazing to experience it. I also really liked Warsaw. [br][br]I have never done a Contiki tour but others in the group had and they discussed it a few times. From there discussions i concluded that they liked the Topdeck tours more. I felt that there was lots of like minded people in my group. [br][br]I suppose it depends on the group of people that you have on the trip. On my trip there were a few party animals who went out all the time but i never felt that i had to go out and drink if i didnt want to![br][br]Good hint, Vodka is v cheap out there though. [br][br]Hope you decide to do the trip as you will have a great time! [br][br]Hope this helps [br][br]lweasel