Russian Revelations 5th July 2008


Hey all,[br][br]anyone else doing the tour on this date? I’ll be going it alone and would love to meet anyone else who’s gonna be there![br][br]Tash :sunglasses:


Hi Tash, I’m Stacy. I’m doing the Red Star Special, which means I’ll be already on my tour when you join group. Well thats if thats how it works, I finish in Berlin on the 20th July so I would asume thats how it works.[br]So where are you from? I’m in NSW, Australia, and I’m 24, I’ll also be traveling by myself.[br]Hope to hear back from you soon:)[br]Stacy


Hi Stacy,[br]Oh I didn’t even realise the tour I’m doing joins up halfway with another one! It makes sense though, I’ve done tours like that before. Yep I’ll be finishing in Berlin on the 20th. So excited![br][br]Where in NSW are you from?[br][br]Tash :slight_smile:


Sorry I forgot to mention im from Sydney, NSW! And im 22. :slight_smile:


I’m on the Central Coast. How crazy is that? Where in Sydney?[br]Yeah, most of the tours I have done have tours joining them at all different times.[br]Are you just doing the tour then coming home again? Or travelling on somewhere else. I’m doing my tour then having about 2 weeks in the UK which will be exciting aswell. This is the worst part, paying the trip off. lol[br]Anyway, hope I hear from again soon[br]Stacy


Oh yeah, which part of the central coast? I live in Gladesville, I don’t know if you know Sydney very well but its about 15 mins from the CBD. [br][br]Yeah I’ll be travelling for about another 7 weeks after the tour. I want to do Greece, Slovenia, Switzerland, Croatia and more of Italy and France. I don;t think I’ll fit it all in!! [br][br]Where in the UK are you going? [br][br]Tash :slight_smile:


Wow, you trip sounds good. I’m doing London, Cardiff, Bristol, Paris and Edinburgh.[br]I know some parts of Sydney, but unfortunatly not your part. I’m at San Remo, its at the Northern end of the coast, How well do you know the coast? Maybe we can meet before the trip.[br]Have you been to Europe before, this is my first time, I can’t wait. Did you know we have ot have VISA’s for Russia.[br]Anyway, talk to you soon[br]Stacy:)[br]


Yeah well im just hoping I have enough money to go for that long! hehe. Yours sounds good too. Oh ok, I don’t know it, the only parts of the coast I remember are Terrigal, Ettalong…and Erina Fair lol. oh and gosford of course. My best mates bf lives in Toukely, and a uni mate is from Budgewoi, so they’re always trying to get me up there. If i ever come up for a drink ill let you know! or you can let me know if you come to sydney.[br][br]As far as I know, we do need a visa for Russia, but if you’re unsure about any of the places you can ask your travel agent or check online. I still have to renew my passport, but thats a good thing cause my old pic was terrible :stuck_out_tongue:


haha i keep forgetting to answer all your questions! yes i’ve been to europe twice, the first time was with a bf and we did a kumuka tour for 3 weeks. second trip was with uni friends and i did prague, austria, barcelona, paris, and a random side trip to egypt lol. i know of a pretty good hostel in paris if you’re interested…


hey guys you DEFINATELY need a visa for Russia… you cant get in without it and the tour will prob leave you behind because they are so strict on the visas. your travel agent should be able to organise it all for you (well, we organised our clients) so all uou need to do is get the forms, the photos, etc and hand them in with ur passport. make sure you get them done on time, and before you leave[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


The average turnaround time for a Russian Visa where I live is 22 days. It will be longer if there is no Russian consulate in your city. It will also cost more if you want it done faster.[br][br]The visa will be permanently attached into your passport.[br][br]You probably want to get the visa done before the tour cancellation penalties begin to increase dramatically (I think it is 42 days before the tour starts).


Hi again[br]Yeah, I have the paper work for the VISA, I just need ot get some new passport photos for it. Budgewoi is only the next suburb on from me, you need to pass San Remo to get there, and Toukley is only across the lake which is only 10 to 15 mins away. Yes, if I’m in Sydney before we go away, I will definatly let you know. I’m almost finished paying the tour off, should be paid off in about a month, I’m so excited.[br]What do you do for work? I’m 4IC(in charge) at Woolworths on the front end at Tuggerah, its not the best job in the world but it has given me some nice trips to different places, only have ot put up with it for another 2 years hopefully.[br]Anyway, I’ll hear from you again soon[br]Bye for now[br]Stacy


Hey thanks for the tips guys. I’ll get my travel agent to organise my visas for me![br][br]I work in a nursing home at the moment. I’ve been there for about 5 years, since school. But I’ve just finished uni so I guess I’ll need to find a real job when I come home lol. [br][br]Oh you’re lucky you’ve nearly paid your trip off. I’ll probably pay mine off soon… actually I think I need to hurry up and get my new passport before I can confirm anything![br][br]How was your long weekend?[br][br]Tash


Hey there, my weekend was very long, I had 2 days off, just the normal for me. Thats what you get when you work in a supermarket.[br]I went with my sister and 2 friends over the entrance from the Australia Day fire works which were really good, then come back home and had a girls night in with DVD’s, games, alcohol and junk food. How was yours?[br]Working in a Nursing home sounds hard, my cousin is doing nursing at TAFE, she absolutly loves it. What are you doing at uni?[br]bye Stacy


Heya, well I actually realised a while ago that I’ve done enough units to finish uni lol so I guess I’m done. I did media and public relations, it was really good. I would love to find a job but its a bit hard to apply for things when im going away for 2 months!


Hey, yeah I know what you mean, I’ve been wanting to get into travel for a few years but I keep planning more holidays so its more worth my while to stay where I am at the moment where I am Full time and get holiday leave. To me travelling comes first, which is probably why I am still single lol.[br]Anyway, I think I have found someone else that is on our tour. Their name is Joey, and is doing the Russia/Scandi Tour which I think joins the in Estonia like you. But that cool. I still haven’t found anyone that is soing the full Red Start Special when I’m doing it though, have to wait and see.[br]anyway, talk to you soon Stacy


Hey Stacy, hows it going? Sorry I haven’t replied for so long, I ended up getting a job so I’ve been busy with that. Guess I’ll have to quit when its time for the trip hehe. What have you been up to?[br][br]Anyway do you have msn or anything?[br][br]Tash