Russian Revelations 25th August 2012


Just booked this morning for Russian Revelations starting on 25th August!

So excited!!!

Anyone else doing this tour? So looking forward to it!!!


Hi there! My cousin and I just booked this trip yesterday. We’re also going to do some sight seeing around the Netherlands and Germany and just generally walk around Europe being awesome. I can’t wait, super excited.


I found you jen!!! Lol

I’m going on this with jen as well :smiley: excited much


Hey Brenno, awesome to know there’ll be some Aussies there with us!! So excited, wish it was closer!

waves HI VICKI!!! LOL


Very exciting! Does anyone know the hostel we stay at in Berlin where the tour ends? Might try and book an extra night there…


It could quite possibly be the Wombat Hostel


Hey :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s the Wombat. Jenni and I will be hanging around another 2 nights or so in Berlin afterwards too B-)


Yup, it’s the Wombat. So can’t wait!!!


I’m booked on this trip too. A week in Russia plus time in the neighbouring countries too should make for an epic 17 days! Look forward to seeing you all at Tallin!



I just booked this trip as well :slight_smile:
I’m so excited can’t wait start the trip!!!

See you all in Estonia