Russian Revelations 24 June 2007


Hi, My name’s Shelly, I’m 25 from Perth, tho currently living in the NT.[br]I just booked this trip today, got the last seat available! Now to just sort out this visa! [br][br]Looking forward to cheap vodka, fluffy russian hats, the black market, St Basils Cathedral and Faberge eggs hehe.[br][br]If you’re going on this trip and want to chat, I’m on msn[br][br]If not, see you in Tallinn! ;D


Hi Shelley! I have a feeling that you will be joining us on the Red Star tour that starts in Berlin on June 3. The timing of when you start Russia seems to match our dates.[br][br]Take a look at the forum post titled ‘Red Star’ started by Matt Pemberton. There at least ten of us who will be in Russia, and nine of us are doing the whole 36 day thing.[br][br]