Russian Revelations 2008


Hi!! Anyone planning on going on this tour in 2008?? I am hoping to get on the August 2nd tour but won’t be able to book until late-January, so I am hoping it will still be available then. [br][br]If you’re going, let me know!! [br]If you’ve been, let me know how it was!! [br][br]Thanks all! [br]Rachael


Hi Rachel i have never been to russia i know this doesnt help you…sorry…but one word of advice…dont say “??? ??? ??? ??? ???” it means my donky has big balls…could be very traumatic …


Hey Rach,[br][br]I’m going on that tour, but I’ll be doing the one leaving on the 5th of July. Can’t wait! [br][br]Tash :sunglasses: