Russian Revelations - 15 June 2013


I’m booked on the Russian Revelations tour departing from Tallinn on 15 June 2013 and was wondering who else has booked on this tour - or on the Red Star special leaving on 26 May 2013? If anyone has done a previous trip, I’d love to hear all about it :slight_smile: Cheers, Michaela


Im booked on this trip too!!! I can’t wait, my Russian visa has just come through, should be an epic 17 days.
Cheers, Ali


Great - I was starting to worry there wasn’t going to be anyone else on this trip :slight_smile: My visa came through on Monday so I’m all set for what will no doubt be an amazaing time! Are you getting to Tallinn the day before the tour starts or on the day the tour starts?


Hi there - I just booked this trip last week! Am so excited!
I’m getting to Tallinn on June 14th at around 2 in the afternoon. When are you guys getting there?


My friend and I don’t get in til 11pm on the night of 14th as we’ve got a day’s stopover in Copenhagen. Are you staying at the hotel the tour leaves from? If so, we may see you at breakfast :slight_smile:


I have a day stopover in Helsinki on the way there. I’ll be booking the same hotel, so that I won’t have to move. We should plan to meet at breakfast :slight_smile:
I’m travelling on my own, so would be nice to meet up with people


I’ve done all of my travelling before by myself as it’s the best way to meet people. Meeting at brekkie sounds like a plan and we can explore the city together :slight_smile:


Hi Guys,

I arriving on the afternoon of the 14th which is the Friday and are also booked into the same hotel the tour leaves from. Im keen for breakfast the next day, I am traveling by myself also, so be great to meet up with you guys. Sounds like an excellent plan!


Shall we all meet for brekkie at 8:30 or 9 on the 15th? From what I read, the tour itself meets us there around noon.

@ali- what time do you arrive on the 14th? I land @ 2:15 pm and I’d be happy to meet up with you that afternoon.


We only get in to Tallinn at 11pm on the 14th, so I think 9am for breakfast would be great, but happy to meet earlier if you’d like to head off and explore a bit of the city. Looking forward to meeting you guys :slight_smile:


Works for me. I may be up earlier, but I can definitely sit for longer than 30 mins having coffee! haha

By the way, what sort of luggage are you guys bringing? A backpack or an actual suitcase?


Hi Guys,

Sorry for the slow reply, not long now till we start the tour! Im getting in to Tallinn at about 3pm on the 14th, so we should totally meet up that evening and grab a bit to eat. How about we meet in the hotel lobby at like 5pm, ive just picked a random time but let me know what suits. We can totally all meet up for breakfast the next day also.
Im bringing a backpack (65L) not a suitcase also.


I leave for Europe in 2 weeks tomorrow… can’t wait!!
I’ve also got a backback, but a relatively small one. I’m away for 6 weeks all up so I’m leaving my big suitcase in London cause I don’t want to be luggung all that gear around!


I’m picking my Russian Visa up on Monday (thankfully the Russian consulate is 1 block away from my office!) and I’m off to Europe in just under 3 weeks. I’m getting so excited!!
Ali - I have tentative plans for a late dinner on the 14th, but you’re totally welcome to join me. I’ll fill you in with details later. I’ll probably be hanging around the lobby anyways trying to find people around 3 pm from our tour - so I’ll be on the lookout.


Russian Visa obtained without any issues. T-2 weeks! Woohoo


Sounds good Heather. I will be keeping an eye out for tour types also, Im thinking that there will be a few of us about. Im off in about 2 weeks, can’t wait! See you guys in Estonia!!!