Russia Scandi Tour - 10th July 2011


Hey all,

Will be doing this tour with another 24 year old guy both from Melbourne, Aust. Can’t wait!!

Created a Facebook page for those who are doing this tour and the same date (Click below):

Hope to chat to some of you on there.


Ryan :slight_smile:


Hey Ryan,

Thinking of doing this trip (same date). It’s between this one and another one offered by Topdeck. Not too sure as yet.

I did a Topdeck in Europe this year and loved it (camping trip).



I have not been there yet but heard quite many good thing about that country! Please share your experience after you finish your trip!


Hey Ryan,

I am doing this tour in late August! Very excited! I haven’t booked it yet though because I need to organise a few things at work first. I was just wondering if you might know what time the tour actually starts in Berlin on the first day? I’m just organising a few logistics (flights etc) and it would really be helpful!




Hey David,

A fellow Melbournite, very cool. Which other tour are you considering? Are you doing any travel before and after? I am doing this tour as well as 2 other ones (both Contiki). I chose this tour, as it’s got all countries which are different to the other 2 tours, also to see where my heritage is, my dad’s background is Polish/Russian.

Cheers and hope to see you on this tour!




I will give you a big summary after the tour is done.




Hi Clare,

I would imagine the tour would start on the first morning, this one being the 10th July. All tours have a designated hotel in which people touring usually pay for a night at a discounted rate to stay at prior to the hotel. So that they can basically hop out of bed on the day and away they go. This is also a good idea, as you can meet and greet the other tour members on that night also.

Hope I helped.




Hi all,

I’m doing this tour too with Ryan. Coming from Melbourne!! Should be awesome, this seems very different to other tours. Prior to this are doing a couple contikis. This tour looks fun.

Cool David another Melbourner! Join the facebook group :slight_smile:


I am heading to Melbourne 2 months after your trip! hope to hear your trip report soon


I am taking a tour with my daughter. Which of these would be a " don’t miss" opportunity from those who know. Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow by Night (a night walking tour which doesn’t seem to have bars or clubs on the itinerary), Sergiev Posad. Any suggestions to do on our own?