Russia, Scandi & the Baltics 2009


Hi all,[br][br]I’m booked on this tour for the 28th of June and I’m very excited. :)[br] [br]Anyone out there booked on this tour or completed this tour before?[br][br]Kaitlyn[br]Russia, Scandi & the Baltics[br](June 2009)


No i’ve not booked yet but I really fancy it, are you going by yourself or with friends?


I’m going with one friend. It looks like it should be a good trip, it goes to some interesting places. :)[br][br]Kaitlyn[br]Russia, Scandi & the Baltics[br](June 2009)


I did the red star special last year which includes this tour but also goes farther north into norway and finland. You get to visit some really amazing cities! Hope you have fun :)[br][br]Kelsy[br]