Russia Scandi July 11


hi all,

Anyone else booked for the Russia-Scandi tour departing Berlin on July 11? Would be great to connect with those going on this tour.



Hey Nick,

I’ll be on this tour too. Can’t wait!



Hi Katrina and Steve,

Looking forward to meeting you on the tour :slight_smile: How are your Russian visa applications going? Mine was processed quicker than expected


Hi Guys,

I’m going on the Red Star Special on 25 July… I’m just wondering about the invitation letter from TopDeck for your russian visa. I haven’t received mine yet, so am starting to panic a little. When did you receive yours? Should I be worried?




Hi Steve,

I’ve sent an email to my travel agent, so hopefully he gets back to me soon. Not worried about the visa application - I’ve been there before, but my visa took ages last time, so didn’t want to be leaving it to the last minute!

Hope you guys have a great trip.




Hi Clair,

If it’s any consolation I was initially told my application letter could take up to a month to process, but I received it within 10 days. The visa itself only took 7 working days, and I sent mine to Canberra