Russia Scandi - 5th August


Hi All - anyone doing this trip? I’m traveling solo and would love to chat before hand.

Very excited!!!

Amanda :slight_smile:


Hey Amanda i am doing this tour im very excited too. i am also going solo aswell. i will be in berlin a couple of days before the tour starts if you wanna catch up before.


Hi there :slight_smile:

So happy to hear from someone :slight_smile:

I’ve sent you a private message :slight_smile:

If you’re on Facebook, add me. Email is

Can’t wait to chat :slight_smile:


Hi Amanda,

Im also on this trip,Im traveling Solo too.

Cant Wait! Should be a great trip!

Im going Amsterdam for 3 days, Before a join the Crew.

Talk soon,


Hi Daniel

How are you?

Nice, have you been to Amsterdam before? I was there 2 year ago. One word… Crazy!!!

You on fb? Add me it’s easier to chat.

I arrive in Berlin on 4th after my Greece tour ,when do you arrive?

Chat soon
Manda :slight_smile:


Hi Amanda, I Never been in Europe before. Should be great,I heard a lot about it.

Yes I’m on Facebook i Just added you.

I will be arriving on the 5th at lunch time.

talk soon,