Russia Scandi 30th July 2017 AND Red Star Special, Northern Exposure, Russian Revelations, Scenic Scandi, Scandi Express, Vodka & Caviar


When I booked this trip, I was so far the only one who had booked this section lol. I was hoping that since there is 5 weeks until the tour starts, maybe I have some buddies by now.

I know I will get to meet and great many different people and travel groups because of the way the Red Star Special is structured, so I am excited to meet you all. Below I have put the dates of my tour, these are dates were will meet people on different tours. If you match, lets chat :smile: :smiley:

30th Jul 2017 - Berlin, Germany
31st Jul 2017 - Berlin
1st Aug 2017 - Berlin to Copenhagen, Denmark
2nd Aug 2017 - Copenhagen
3rd Aug 2017 - Copenhagen to Stockholm, Sweden
4th Aug 2017 - Stockholm
5th Aug 2017 - Stockholm to Tallinn, Estonia via Overnight Ferry
6th Aug 2017 - Tallinn
7th Aug 2017 - Tallinn to St. Petersburg, Russia
8th Aug 2017 - St. Petersburg
9th Aug 2017 - St. Petersburg
10th Aug 2017 - St. Petersburg to Novgorod
11th Aug 2017 - Novgorod to Moscow
12th Aug 2017 - Moscow
13th Aug 2017 - Moscow
14th Aug 2017 - Moscow to Velikiye Luki
15th Aug 2017 - Velikiye Luki to Riga, Latvia
16th Aug 2017 - Riga
17th Aug 2017 - Riga to Vilnius, Lithuania
18th Aug 2017 - Vilnius to Warsaw, Poland
19th Aug 2017 - Warsaw
20th Aug 2017 - Warsaw to Berlin, Germany
21st Aug 2017 - Berlin


Emilie :beers:

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