Russia & Scandi 15 June


Hi [br]I’m doing this tour then hooking up with my brother to do the Danube Trail tour on the 4th - 12th August if there is anyone else round doing these give me a yell[br][br]Cheers ;D


Hi, I’m Stacy, is that the Russia, Scandi and the Baltics tour you are doing? If so, I’m doing the Red star Special starting on that date, so you will be with me until Stockholm.


Hiya Stacey thats the one :p[br]I’m starting to count down the days now lol Ileave NZ on the 9h of June


Yeah, its getting excting, i fly out on the 12th for london then to Berlin on the 14th. I don’t have as long to get through as you though, I’m over there for 2 months. I can’t wait.


Surely there must be more than me doing the ths trip :frowning:


Hellllooooo ;D


Hey Tony, wow, not long to go now hey, where about in NZ are you from? My Aunty and Uncle live on the North Island near Tauranga. I’ve been over there 3 times so far, I love it.


hmmmm as a matter of fact thats where I’m from lol[br]woo hoo only 35 sleeps to go :o)


Wow, thats a bit freaky, lol. Well, I will know an extra person now when I visit my Aunty and Uncle next year, lol. 37 days to go for me.:slight_smile:


Yippie 31 days and counting then I get to leave the cold and rain lol :sunglasses:


Now we are getting alot closer I will give this another go maybe now some others for this trip might come out of the woodwork lol ;D


ah yes id hope so wonder where they all are. woo not long to go now. 3 weeks 6 days til i leave for Berlin.


23 more sleeps for me before I fly out :sunglasses:


Yay, only 22 days til I fly out, I can’t wait, I got all my tickets and stuff from the travel agent on Thursday, all systems go now! lol. We are going to have so much fun.


Less than 3 weeks to go there must be more than 2 of us lol ;D


yeh on the home stretch now. these currencies are a pain in the butt so many, why cant they all just use euro? all sorted now just waitin to pack my bags. berlin is waiting for us yay!!!


lol I have started packing but only cos I have to figure out how to fit dive gear and clothes into 1 bag


Wooo Hooo only 3 sleeps till I fly out ;D:p


yay 7 more for me. I arrive on the 14th n hope to have a big night out, cant wait. Enjoy your flight and I shall see u in Berlin!!


I know I leave on Thursday, I’m so excited. As for the currencies, I’m taking one of those travelex cards, that way it all on that instead of taking so many different kinds of money. When do you leave, I can’t wait to meet everyone. See you soon I guess:)