Russia Scandi 14 July - 5 August 2013!



I booked the Russia Scandi trip leaving Berlin 14 July 2013 for 23 days and going to Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania & Poland. I wanted to know who else will be on my tour? Also, it did not say that departure was guaranteed - do you think this will be a problem?


Hey Lauren,

Great to hear from you. While I’ve also booked the Russia Scandi trip, I will be on the guaranteed departure leaving Berlin on 26 May 2013

This will be my second Top Deck in as many years, after I did the Spirit of Europe trip earlier this year. This was also a guaranteed departure

We had a few travelers on the Spirit of Europe that were moved from later non-guaranteed departures onto our tour. Can’t remember how long in advance that they found out

Will this be your first Top Deck, and will you be travelling on your own? Look forward to hearing from you



Hey, This is my first Top Deck. I really hope they don’t move me onto another tour! :o