Russia and Scandi Jun 1 2008


Is anyone booked on this tour[br]Jess


hi Jess,[br]i,m Pete from syd-aus, just joint this tour and it,s close to full.[br]this is my first topdeck although i have done 3 contiki’s.[br]so anyone on this trip or who has been there i would like any tips [br]keep smiling Pete.:stuck_out_tongue:


Hi[br]I’m Bec (from Sydney, Aus)and I’m on this trip. Just got my Passport and Visa back today. Yay![br]There’s another forum page open here:[br]
[br]But it’s a bit lonely over there …[br]


Pete, what did you think about Contiki (honestly)? [br]I’m doing a Contiki trip before this one.[br]Bec


Hi Bec and Pete[br]Nice to hear from you both and that the tour is almost full![br]I am doing a contiki tour before this one too Bec, the Euro Explorer departing Apr 13th which one are you on?[br]I am coming from the Gold Coast Aus and going solo :)[br]Jess


Hi Jessica[br]I’m not on your trip, but i did the contiki explorer 2 years ago. You will have a ball :slight_smile:


hi Jess &Bec.[br]i had to change tour to be back early so i am booked on the northern exposure starting on the 18th of girls enjoy your trip?[br]Bec about contiki,they are very well run tours and lots to do,[br]just like any new place you go have an open mind.[br]see-ya Pete.


Hi Jess[br]I’m doing the Contrasts trip starting april 24. [br]I leave Sydney in 13days time:o - first stop San Francisco.[br]Going solo too. [br]Gotta get organised![br]


Hey girls![br] I did Russia and Scandi last Jul/Aug with contiki. Had a blast Russia is not like Europe at all, don’t have any expectations and you’ll have a blast. And my only advice would be carry toilet paper with at all times and remember its not different, it’s just Russia![br]You will probably be sick of potatoes by the time you leave, I was, they eat them with everything and cook them in any way imaginable.[br]Have fun![br]Danielle;D


Hi! I’m Sarah and I’m doing this tour with my friend Vivien. We’re both from Aus and finished year 12 last year. This trip is part our big europe adventure, we’re both travelling a bit before and afterwards. [br]I leave in just over a week (I’m heading to italy, france and england first) so I’m starting to stress out a bit. But I’m also very excited[br]Good to see some more Aussies :slight_smile: looking forward to meeting you all![br]Sarah


Hi guys, i’m on the Russia Scandi tour also. I’m from Perth Australia. If you look at the red star special topic there are people there that we actually meet up with in Estonia and do the second half of the trip with as well![br][br]Shan


hi shan,[br]wow i didnt realise that we merged groups! but i checked out the topdeck book and there’s a Red Star special that starts on the day we do and another that finishes the day we do too. And our itinery looks the same in some places. So it looks like we start with one group of Red Stars and finish with a different group! [br]Sounds like we’ll get to meet lots of people![br]ten sleeps til I leave :)[br]see ya