Running with the Bulls - Pamplona Fiesta


Is anyone else booked for the ‘Pamplona Fiesta’ for Running with the Bulls departing London on 4th July?
Would be great to hear from you :slight_smile:


Hey Laura,

Im booked for Pamplona Picador which departs on the 4th of July too :-)…it should be lots of fun :slight_smile:

Have you booked any other tours?




I booked the Pamplona Pronto package starting July 4th out of England. I’m a first timer, and would appreciate any advice anyone has to offer.



Hey Laura,
Im also travelling on the Fiesta. Should be an amazing week.
Travelling solo, nervous, but really looking forward to it!
Have you got any other travels planned?


Yep, I shall be there, also travelling alone, and my first time also. Very excited.


Hey everyone

I’m also booked for Pamplona.
Very excited! Can’t wait to dress up in the red and white.

Btw is anyone going to the pre-departure party?



Hi Laura,

I’m Sarah and also doing Pamplona Fiesta dept. 4th July :slight_smile: this is going to be an experience of a lifetime!! can’t wait!! what are your plans after the trip (seeing as it’s only one way travel with topdeck)?




Anybody actually ballsy enough to do the bull run?



Im doing the one way tour. I am travelling alone so hoping to meet heaps of entertaining people to have loads of fun with. And HELL YES I am running! This is going to be madness! Look forward to meeting you guys



Im Steve and doing the Picador, im traveling solo and will be in London the day before departure. If anyone else is give me a shout.Look forward to meeting you all.