Running of the Bulls


Hi All- I’m Lisa, a 23yr old Kiwi, heading off to Pamplona next week. Would love to hear from anyone else who’s travelling on the same tour (4th-10th July)[br]


Hi Lisa[br][br]Im goin on this tour too!! My friend and I fly in to London on monday 2nd July and are heading to Pamplona with our two friends that are already living in London.[br]we are doin the Getaway tour on 12 - 31 July after spain so gettin to see a lot of countries. Im orginally from NZ but live in Brisbane now. My friends are all ozzies too.[br]Should be a fun trip huh maybe not the 20 hours on a bus but the sangria at the end will be worth the wait im sure lol.[br][br]Have a great trip over and ill see you then [br]ciao Angelgirl (aka Ang)