I’m doing a camping tour in the summer and it suggests you take a frame-less rucksack. Can someone please tell me what this is? I have a rucksack which i assume has an internal frame and measures 75 x 45 x 25cm when stuffed and weighs 1.85kg, will this be okay?



Hey Julia

A frameless backpack is recommended as framed backpacks can damage other bags when packed away on the coach. Bag weight should not exceed 20kg and size should not exceed 70 x 45 x25cm. Your bag’s dimensions are fine but please ensure you are within the weight limit!


Topdeck Admin


This is for admin (Jen),

How strict are the size regulations? I mean if you have a bag that’s a couple of cm over in size will that be ok, or will you be told it’s too big? Just wondering if there’s any leeway at all.



Hey Kristy

There is a bit of leeway with regards to size but you must ensure that you stay within the weight restrictions!


Topdeck Team