Room sharing- couples


Hi everyone!

Just wondering if anyone had been on a Europe club tour (myself and my boyfriend are going on summer fun and sailing), and went with their partner? How did the sleeping arrangements go? I have been told that if we talk to our tour guide at the start of the tour they will do their best to room us together, but just thought I would see if anyone has experienced it before? Or if anyone has the same concerns?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


On my tour last year, The Mega European, we had 5 couples on the tour. Where possible my tour leader would room them together, which was most of the time. Very rarely they had to be seperate, and i can’t remember the reason why, maybe it was the hostels rules. Im sure if you talk to them at the start of the tour they will be accommodating.


Thanks!! That’s good to know :slight_smile: