Rome to London 14 Sept


Hi![br]Is there anyone else going on this tour?[br]Or anyone that’s been who has any good tips?[br]Also- Are there places to charge iPods/cameras etc??[br]So excited…only 2 more weeks…[br][br]Hi Its me again… starting to worry there’s no one else doing this tour…?


Hey Charvana, I am sure you aren’t the only one on this tour, but you may be the only one doing the Rome to London portion. TopDeck sells segments of it’s larger 20+ tours so if you can figure out what larger tour you are part of you may have better luck of finding your future tourmates. Good luck and you’ll have a great trip.


Hey Charvana, don’t worry i am going on this tour, you’re not the only one!! i’m getting excited now & a bit nervous!! what time are you planning on getting to rome?


Hey!! So excited and happy to find someone else doing it!!![br]I’m starting to get a bit worrried about fitting 5weeks worth of stuff into a back pack!!! :wink: Gonna have to half my stuff about 4 times before it will fit!!![br]I’m leaving London Stanstead at 8:40 getting to Rome 12:05[br]How about you?[br]Where you from?


Hey,[br][br]My flight leaves from Luton at 6:50 and arrives at 10:15! So i’m planning on just staying up all night!! Tell me about it, I am already tredding on my backpack, I’m having to be really tough with my clothes!! only got a few more things to fit! I live in hertfordshire, where are you from?? I’m getting so nervous now!!


I woke up this moring half dreaming about fitting everything in!![br]I’m from South Africa but been living in north london for the last 18 months. Pity we no arriving same time or we could have trvel to the campsite together!


yeah it is a shame, im just worried about getting lost on the way there!! ive been looking it up on the internet so fingers crossed it will be ok!! anyway i will look forward to meeting you tomorrow, have a safe trip! x x