Rome-London 2006


[br]Hey… anyone planning on doing the Rome to London tour (April-May)??


I think this is a part of the Mega European 49 days tour… I guess yours would be the one with departure date 31 march


[br]Our trip starts in Rome on the 12th April, ending in London on the 18th May… so excited abouut it ;D


Hi,[br]If this does join with the Mega European 49 days tour, departure date 31 march, u will be joining my tour, which is great as there is only one other person doing this tour that i no of so far and im thinking that it might be a bit lonley. [br]Its not long till i dapart for england and im sooo excited. [br][br]TeePee :)[br] [br][br]


G’day g’day,[br][br]Thought I might check out what was happening on the forum and noticed this topic, hope this helps in some way…[br]

  • Firstly, as per brochure the tour departs Rome on the 13th April and will be in Gallipoli on ANZAC day.[br][br]This tour is part of the Mega European 49 day (ANZAC day) tour, it’s just a sector of the ‘Big Tour’.[/][br][br]
  • Secondly, I wouldn’t worry too much about only knowing of 1 or 2 other people doing the tour because of this forum, not everyone knows about it and some may not bother signing up, so they can’t post a reply.[br][br]As it stands, I am sure there will be many more people on the tour as it is the ANZAC day tour so to speak (I’m currently back home in Oz at the moment, so couldn’t tell you exact figures).[/
  • ][br][br]
  • If you take a look in a 2006 Topdeck Brochure (at the back), there is a number of options for this tour, London to Rome or Rome to London, London to Athens or Athens to London, London to Istanbul or Istanbul to London and then the Mega European (London to London in one awesome massive loop). So be prepared to have a coach full of people some days and maybe not so many on others, who knows?[/*]
[br]Asside from all that, I am sure you’ll enjoy the tour, as long as you remember that you’ll get back what you put in to it, if you always see the positive side of things and are determined to have a good time and take things for what they are (an Experience and an Adventure) it’s an awesome time touring Europe.[br][br][br]And Remeber…[br][br]It’s not Wrong![br]-[br]It’s Just Different![br][br]Related posting: ‘any1 doing mega european 30 mar?’[br]
[br][br]-From one of the Friendly Topdeck Road Crew to You.[br][br]“I Hope that I have helped you!”[br][br]Note: The information posted by myself is my own opinion and not necessarily that of Topdeck.