Roman road euro tour anyone?! :)


Hi there!

I will be travelling solo for this tour and was just wondering if anyone else is doing it?! It would be nice to meet some new people and have tons of fun on the tour!! Let me know ;D



I’m doing Roman Road too but I’ll be on the one leaving May 26. I’d love to hear back about how it is after you’ve been.

Have fun!



Hi Kate!

I’m Janie! I will forsure let you know how it was! It’s my first time going to Europe and travelling solo so i’m pretty excited!! It’s too bad we aren’t going to be on the same tour; at least I would have somewhat known someone there! haha


I’ll be heading out on the one going May 19th!


Hi Janie! I’m Amy and I’ll be going on the same tour as you, also solo! It’s so exciting to “know” someone else!