Roman Pathway


Hey guys,

Is anyone else doing the roman pathway tour on April 12th?

Liv xx


Hi Liv
I am doing Essential Europe. Your tour is the first half of mine. We continue back to London from Rome. I am getting very excited.
Where in NZ are you from? I grew up in Auckland but have lived in Sydney since I was 9.
I am getting to London on the Sunday at lunch. When do you arrive?



Yea I looked into that one but couldn’t fit it into my holidays. Exciting, you get to go through Paris etc a? Would our two tours be lumped together then until Rome? I’m studying in Auckland, but from the Waikato. So do you still call yourself a Kiwi? :slight_smile:

Yay! I’m getting so excited for our trip! Hey I arrive at the same time I think! I was just gunna wander London on the Monday before we leave Tue. We should catch up for a drink or coffee



Hi Liv,
I have booked myself on a Thames cruise and London Eye on the Sunday night and the Stonehenge tour the Monday. Happy to share the details if you are up to it was seriously thinking of catching a west end show the night before tour starts.
Let me know if you want the details.
I lived on the nth Shore in Auckland and am very familiar with the region however have lived in Oz for a very very long time. Strangely enough I still call NZ home but have lived 2/3 of my life here.


Oh my gosh, west end show would be amazing! Add me on fb and we could sort something. Got to catch up with the rellies on Sunday and have some serious shopping to do on Monday and just keen to wander round and check out museums etc cause have done the main attractions before a few years ago.
Hah good girl! Claim the kiwi title!

Not long to go now, we are flying out in 2 weeks! Ahh!


Liv I sent you a PM.


Hi guys,

My bf and I are doing this tour too. We are picking it up in Amsterdam on the 12th. We depart for Europe on Friday. I can hardly wait now. This is our longest trip away and first time Europe travellers…any tips??

Love x


Hi Roz and welcome. Looking forward to meeting you both. First time for me too. We are going to have a ball.