Roman Pathway May 17th 2016


Hi Everyone,

Wanted to find fellow travelers who are going on this trip. My trip starts at the Burns Hotel on May 17th. First major solo trip!!! anyone else on the same boat?


hi there,

I will be joining the same trip starting 17th may at the Burns Hotel ! it is my first solo trip basically, I plan to discover London for the first few days prior to the trip and Rome / Sorrento after the trip ends until 27th when I catch my flight back home. What about you ? :slight_smile:


Same here! I will see London over the weekends before this trip starts and then see more Europe when my trip ends in Rome. I am flying in from Chicago USA. Where is home for you?


Im flying from Melbourne ^^, Are you planning to stay in the burns hotel prior the trip or somewhere more london central? I have not booked the accommodation yet actually. Do you have viber or watsapp?


Staying in London with Friends for the first 2 days and then moving into the burns hotel. I have WhatsApp.