Roman Pathway 2009


Hi All,;D[br][br]Anyone taking or ever been on the Roman Pathway? [br][br]I’m going Sept 15 - Sept 22, 09, but will be spending my first couple days in London and I’m just looking to get a feel for who has been or is going and what to expect.[br][br]This will be my first big trip overseas and I cant wait, but I’m a little nervous as I have never travelled by myself before, but cant wait to meet all the New people:)[br][br]Any Tips or Suggestions on what to bring?[br][br]Thanks a Million :)[br]Melissa[br][br]“Yesterday is already a dream and tomorrow only a vision, but today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope” - Sanskrit [br][br][br]


hi melissa![br]i havent done this particular tour but ive done loads of traveling including living abroad for a year. i did a topdeck tour last year and am heading on the red star special this july. [br][br]dont worry about going by yourself, i usually go by myself and have always had a blast! you meet the best people - a friend of mine who i met on the trip (an aussie, of course;)) is actually coming to visit me in november! [br][br]you will have a great time. as for packing tips, bring what makes you happy but not too much of it! lol you would be surprised of how little you need for a tour. the best advice is bring clothes that mix and match well together. remember everyone has packing limits and must re-wear a shirt. :)[br][br]thats all. if you have any specific q’s just hollar![br]have a great trip! :)[br][br]Tam [br]Istanbul to London 2008 [br]Red Star Special 2009