Roman pathway 15/09/2009


HEY![br][br]JUST wanting to know anyone else going on this tour would be great to start meeting some of ya’ll.[br][br]ROMAN PATHWAY[br]15/09/2009[br]KALOLAINE VEA[br]MELBOURNE, AUS!


Hi. Im leaving to go on tour that day too. Different tour though. Will you be staying at the Generator the night before?[br][br][br]Amanda[br][br]Eastern Spirit 12th August 2009[br]&[br]Roman Chariot 15th September 2009


Ohk…well im not too sure yet i have heaps of family in london to stay with but i might just stay a night or two at generator since it seems to be pretty popular.


HI!!![br][br]Im going on that tour ;D[br][br]Cant wait!!! [br][br]Arriving in Amsterdamn on Sept 1st for a family reunion then heading to London on the 12th to do a little touring there before the tour starts.[br][br]Woo Hoo only a couple months to go!![br][br]Missy [br]Roman Pathway 15/09/2009


:open_mouth: Im arriving in london on the 1st aswell to visit my family and staying there till the 15th, how exciting!!! have u got a face book![br][br]Cant wait only 73 days; not that im counting haha![br][br]ROMAN PATHWAY[br]15/09/2009[br]KALOLAINE VEA[br]MELBOURNE, AUS!


Hey kaloaine!!![br][br]So sweet to find someone on the tour!![br][br]Yeah I got Facebook you can add me[br][br]Yay!!! :)[br][br]Missy[br]Roman Pathway 15/09/2009


WOOHOO![br][br]How exciting, alright sweet, ill add ya tonight![br][br]:D:D[br][br]Talk soon :smiley:


My friend (Ashley) and I are going on Roman Pathway Sept 15 too! We’re so excited! Are you staying at the Umi Hotel the night before?[br][br]


Hey Megan!![br][br]Yay another one on the tour ;D I cant wait!![br][br]I will be staying at the Umi Hotel the night before!! Hope to see you there!![br][br]Only 2 months to go!![br][br]Missy [br]


We’re staying the Umi Hotel too - we should meet up for a drink on Monday night! [br][br]Where are you from? [br][br]Megan


I would totally be down for meeting up for a drink!![br][br]Do you have facebook?[br][br]Im from Calgary, Alberta Canada!!Just gearing up for Stampede Week!! “Yee-Haw” lol…;D[br][br]Where abouts are you from?[br][br]Missy


I hope you have your cowboy boots ready! [br][br]I’m from Baltimore, MD USA so I’m dragging at work now after a long 4th of July of weekend![br][br]I’m pretty sure if you can find me using my email on facebook - since there are a million other Megan Murphy’s. [br][br]Megan


Oh my Cowboy boots are ready and shined!! lol… [br][br]Stampede has only been on for 5 days now, still 7 more to go and Im already feeling a little partied out! But that wont stop me!![br][br]I hear you though about work dragging I can imagine how July 4th was!8-)[br][br]I will add you to facebook tonight! Work blocks facebook from my computer :([br][br]Missy


My work blocks it too - so sad! [br][br]I hope you’re surviving the party days and enjoying summer! [br][br]Talk soon,[br][br]Megan


Hey!..[br][br]Im also going on this tour…well the Essential Europe (which is the same one…only longer :slight_smile: )[br][br]Looking forward to going!! (getting close!)…and looking forward to meeting some new peeps. :)[br][br]im also on facebook…plz addmeee! :slight_smile:[br][br]Essential Europe[br]15th Sept. 2009[br][br]Brighde.


Hey Brighde![br][br]How are you?[br][br]I will add you to facebook tonight 8-)[br][br]Talk to you soon [br][br]Missy


Hi People…im on the Roman Pathway tour…will be joining the tour in Amsterdam…


Hey everyone,[br][br]I think the roman pathway and the essential europe Sept 15 are together.[br][br]im so excited! its less than a month away![br][br]There is a facebook group I have started if you would like to join, here’s the link:[br][br][br]Thanks[br][br]Essential Europe[br]Sept 15, 2009[br]:slight_smile:


Hey All![br][br]WOW not too long now!![br][br]I will be arrving in London on the 12th to do a little sisghtseeing before the tour and I’m all on my lonesome so if anyone is looking for a sightseeing buddy let me know, it would be nice to catch the sights with some fellow travellers![br][br]Also if anyone is down for meeting up for a drink on the 14th to get to know eachother a little that would be cool too.[br][br]Hope to talk soon :)[br][br]Missy[br]Roman Pathway Sept 15, 09 [br][br]


il be meeting up for that drink on the 14th :)[br][br]c u then :)[br][br]B8-)