Roman Chariot Sept 2006!


[br][br]Hey - I’m thinking of going on the Roman Chariot Tour in September (either the 1st or the 15th at this stage). But I’m comparing it with the London to Rome Contiki Tour. I’m 25 from Newcastle, Australia, and although I like to have a good time, I dont really want to get blotto every night and miss the sights :frowning: [br]So i’m leaning towards topdeck - if anyone has any advice, please post a message. [br][br]If everything works out - see you fellow charioters in sept! [br][br]Cheers![br]Kellie.


go topdeck, i found on the edinburgh mini break we went out most nights and had a few drinks. which part of newcastle are u from[br][br]Live every day to the fullest as if it is your last


Yeah I’ve chosen Topdeck! Can’t wait!![br][br]I’m going on the Edinburgh Festival and Military Tattoo Tour first…Everyone I have spoken to says not to miss out on it if i’m going to be in London anyways, then the Roman Chariot Tour on the 1st Sept. [br][br]I’ve lived mostly in Warners Bay, but now live in Cooks Hill (closer to work). What about yourself? [br][br]There has to be others going on this tour! Come on people… send a message! [br][br]hehehe… [br][br]


used to live in fassifern near toronto, but when in oz i am now in sydney[br][br]Live every day to the fullest as if it is your last


hello fellow novacastrians,ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh i miss my beloved home break boxy in shoal bay, yeah im really from port stephens, lived a year in mayfield.Anyhoos i might end up maybe moving to newy uk after me traveling around for three months.