Roman Chariot / other tours departing 24th July


Just wondering if anybody else on here is on this tour.[br][br]I am booked on the Roman Chariot but it may start off as a common bus for a different tour going the same route.[br][br]Does anybody know and are you on it?[br][br]Dan


Hi,[br]I’ll be on this tour! Not that long now…![br][br]Don’t know about a common bus though.


Hi[br][br]I did the Grand European tour for 28 days that departed on 8 May 2007.[br][br]There were people on the Roman Chariot tour that joined us for about the first half of the tour.[br][br]Maybe you may be joining a Grand European tour that departs on the same day.[br][br]I hope this helps you.[br][br]From Alana