Roman Chariot June 19


Hi all…thought I’d start off a new topic.[br]Im going on this trip alone,and I’d love to hear from anyone thats comming as well…[br][br]Katie


Hi[br][br]I did the Grand European tour for 28 days that left London on 8 May 2007.[br]The people that did the Roman Chariot tour that departed London on 8 May 2007 joined in on my tour and then left after about the first 14 days of the tour. There were only about 5 people on the Roman Chariot tour.[br][br]I hope this assists you.[br][br]From kat22 (Alana)


Hi Alana,[br][br]Thanks for the tip…I might find join the Grand European chat, and find some other ‘lone’ travellers.[br][br]Hope you enjoyed your trip.[br]Katie


hey there, my names gillian, both me and my mate nicole rgoin on da roman chariot tour too. im scottish and shes aussie. hope to c u there x[br][br]Gkane


Hi how you going?[br]Not long now til the tour, only 2 days to go…Im staying at the globetrotter on monday night, hope to catch up with a few people at the trip meeeting.[br]Looking foward to meeting you all,[br]Katie XoX


cool,yeh well we live in chelsea so gotta make our way there for 6.30am tomorrow,oh joy ha![br][br]yeh will c u there, im blonde and scottish and nicoles got dark hair, italian lookin and aussie…ha ul prob hear us x[br][br]Gkane