Roadtrip USA ex NY 3rd July 2016



I’m traveling solo from ACT, Australia. Anyone else doin this tour? It would be great to get to know some people before we leave.



Bumping this up :blush:


I’m on this trip - though you already knew that :grin: (from other post)

I thought this tour was nearly booked out, everyone must be hiding…


I was told it was almost full too.

Not too long now :blush:


Looks like it’s just us Phizz :smile:

I fly out this Wednesday, so excited now!


Hey guys! I’m going to be in NY a few days before the trip is anyone else? @Jo_Perry also i’m looking to get a room in the hotel the night before if anyone is interested on sharing


I’m in LA at the moment. I’ll be staying in NY for 9 days before the tour with friends.


Anyone in NY tonight and want to meet up?