Roadtrip USA (ex NY) 26 Feb- 21 Mar 2017


Hey Everyone,

Just wondering who else will be on this tour and would be interested in meeting up beforehand? Iโ€™m coming from Perth, Australia.

Would be great to hear from anyone else who is coming along!

Not long to go now :slight_smile:

Zoe :smiley:


Hey Zoe,

Im from Australia to but on the other side! Im currently in Canada at the moment and am debating whether or not to book this trip. I really want to head to the US before I head home and I think this will be a great way to do it! If I do decide to do the trip Iโ€™m planning on heading to San Fran before hand to check it out then head to LA where we meet up. Do you have any prior plans??



Hi Sally,

Hey, no matter where you are from in Aus we are all mates! :smiley: oh wow that sounds amazing! Iโ€™m actually doing this tour starting from New York, not LA so I might not see you!

I do have prior plans to see my brother in Iowa and do a bit of touring elsewhere which I havenโ€™t confirmed yet.

Let me know which city you end up starting this tour from and we can definitely try and catch up beforehand :slight_smile:

Zoe :smiley:



I am from Aus, staying at the Hostels International in NYC for 4 nights before the tour if anyone is interested in meeting up!



Hi Sarah!

Oh cool im staying at the same hostel beforehand as well! Yeah we should definitely catch up before the tour starts :blush:

Zoe :blush:


Hey Zoe,
I arrive at the hostel tomorrow morning. Are you there yet? How should we get in contact?


Hi Sarah! I dont arrive in NYC till thursday arvo. Are you part of the topdeck travel group yet on facebook?


I think I found the group on FB. Just waiting for someone to accept