Roadtrip USA 25th August 2016 ex LA


Hi, my name is skye, just trying to find anybody else going on this tour with me. Only 2 months to go, getting super excited now thought it would be greet to meet other people on this tour. This is my first solo trip!!!


Hi! My boyfriend Josh and I will be doing this tour, we’re coming from NZ. Only 7 weeks to go now! :grinning:


Oh awesome! So exciting! I’m coming from Australia. What date do you guys fly into LA?


I’m doing this trip solo too! I’m from Melbourne :)!


Oh nice! I’m from ballarat but flying out from brisbane.


How exciting! I only fly into LA the day before the tour though! What hotel are you staying at?


I fly into LA 2 days before the tour. I’m staying at the hotel it leaves from


We’re arriving on the 20th, to have a few days to do the touristy stuff before the trip starts. We’ve booked through AirBnb and will probably just get an uber or taxi to the hotel to start the tour :slight_smile:


I fly in on the 23rd. So i only have a day and a half to do all the touristy stuff. You’ll have to let me know what’s good to check out. I go to hawaii for 3 nights before hand.


I’m staying at that hotel too but only arrive the day before the tour! :frowning:


We should definitely all catch up the night before then :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m doing this tour as well, but I’m only on it until New Orleans :grin:
I’m from Canberra and am coming in the night before.


Oh awsome! How exciting!! :slight_smile:


Yes definitely should catch up the night before! :smile:


Hi Skye :slight_smile:
i am doing this as well staying in LA a week before hand and then the night before we leaving im staying at the hotel we leave from. :slight_smile:
cant wait to meet everyone xx


Hey, my name is Rhiannan and I’m flying out from Perth. This is my first solo trip too and I’ll be arriving at the beginning of August to see a bit of California before the tour starts. Can’t wait!!


Hey all! I am thinking of doing this in Feb. Is anyone planning on posting any photos or videos anywhere? I would love to hear what you all think. Have a great time!


I’m on this tour too! Also my first solo trip! coming from Sydney :smile:


Not long now!!! Super excited!


hey im also going on the trip im from nz is anyone interested in meetin in new york on the 24th?