Road Trip USA (NYC - LA) 10th Oct - 5th Nov 2017


Hey Guys,

So I am going on my first Topdeck adventure this year in the big US of A and what better way than a road trip! I am from Melbourne, Australia and will be travelling solo. Have heard some great things about the trip and am looking forward to it!

Just thought I’d put the feelers out there to see who else was going on this trip, or for those who have been before what advice or recommendation they have?



Hi Laura,

I just booked my ticket for this tour today, so excited!!! I am coming in from Perth, WA and I will also be travelling solo! I am also keen to hear any tips and recommendations for the Tour.

See you in 9 months :smile:



I have booked on the Southwest State part of this tour. I am from New Zealand and also this is my first solo trip. So nervous. Hopefully more people book on this tour so it is guaranteed and goes a head on these dates.

Look forward to making some great memories



A fellow Australian, that’ll be nice!

I am a bit nervous too Zalena, but it’ll be heaps of fun so I try not to stress too much, haha. Has your tour been guaranteed yet? I am doing three tours all up and all mine has been confirmed which is good. Takes one less stress away.

Have either of you traveled with Topdeck before? This will be my first trip. Excited doesn’t even cover it though, I cannot wait until October!