Road Trip USA May 17 departing LA


Hey everyone my friend and I are doing the La to Ny in may next year and would love to see if anyone else was doing it as well :slight_smile:
We’re both from Victoria Aus


Hi Jasmin, I’m doing the same tour and I’m travelling solo, also from Victoria!!


hi guys im Kody im from New Zealand and traveling solo also look forward to meeting you all!


Hey I’m Leia I’m doing this tour with a mate.
I’m travelling from Brisbane and he’s travelling from Melb.
I’m so excited!


Hey everyone!
So excited for this tour to start! Are any of you doing other tours before or after?



I’ve just booked this trip for after a wedding in St Louis.

from Auckland, NZ

Done a topdeck in Japan and a couple of contikis Europe and SE Asia. I really enjoy kicking back and seeing the world without too much planning :smile:

Countries been: 34 haha


Haven’t done a tour before but have travelled very little outside of Australia. Everyone got pre/post accomm sorted out?


Hey Guys, my boyfriend and I are also on this tour and from Melbourne. We’re staying in Santa Monica for a few days and getting our tourist on before the tour starts and after it ends we’re in New York for 4days before spending 2 more weeks visiting family in Boston and Missouri.
We’re super excited and look forward to meeting you all :blush::blush:


Also guys if you download the top deck app there’s a chat for our tour, itinerary and check in :statue_of_liberty:


Hey guys I’ll be doing the southwest states tour (start in LA with you but jump off in New Orleans), will be travelling on my own from Brisbane. I’ll be flying into LA the afternoon of the 16th, staying that night at the miyako hotel.

As I’m not doing the full road trip USA tour I can’t access the chat on the app so sorry if I’m going over old ground here haha but if anyone is keen to meet up the night before I’m interested



Hi guys! I’m going on the LA to NY road trip. From
New Zealand! I’m also going to be there the night of the 16th.


Hello all, I’m also on the LA to NY May tour and looking forwarding to meeting everyone. I’m sure we’ll have an amazing time.

Landing in LA at 7pm on the night before we go, not sure where i’m staying that night.

Having few nights in NYC with friends after the trip.

See you next month!