Road Trip USA June 2016 - EX LA


Helllloooo Fellow Top Deckers!!!

So I have booked the above trip Leaving LA on the 2nd June 2016.

I know its super early but would love to see whos going to be part of the crew!.
Im traveling solo for the first time so keen to chat and get geared up with you lads and lasses…

Im starting In LA as I am thinking of going to Europe and doing another tour there after this one so definitely easier and cheaper to fly from NYC.

Anyways I look forward to chatting with you guys soon.



Hey, Im looking at doing the road trip USA but leaving LA on the 9th of June then going to do the school of rock tour straight after leaving New York on the 3rd of Jully.
I didn’t see one that leaves on the 2nd June


My bad its the 9th june. Leaving La. I was confused with the dates. It finishes on the 2nd june. Hah.
I wanted to end in nyc as its closer to europe. Im thinking of going over after


Yeah that’s the same one I have booked. Are you looking at going to Europe after? I’m just going to backpack around America for another month and a half!


oh wow cool!. I am going down to Chicago for the 4th July then not sure where too after that. I only have an extra 2 weeks after but who knows I might stay on…lol. You from OZ?


Hey, aimee123

Enjoy your trip…
I am going to Florida in January 2016 for my business trip.


that will be lovely!



Please keep updating us about your trip.
I will be glad to hearing from you.


Hi Aimee and brendan

Im all booked for the Road Trip USA leaving LA on the 9th June :smiley:

Im also doing the USA and Canada adventure leaving NY on the 5th july.



Oh yay. Nice too meet you!!.
Feel free to add me on fb. Aimee cook.
Im from the central.coast nsw


Hey Matt
Good to hear you have signed up should be good.
Hopefully it comes around soon!


Dammit that tour ends after my flight home. :confused::confused::confused:


Yeah i also wanted to see a bit of Canada while i was over there and that tour fitted in perfectly.
How long will your holiday be? Mines going to be approximately 7 weeks.


Im over for about 6. Im going a week early before the tour starts.


Hi Everyone! I will be on this tour also from the 9th June till the 2nd July LA-NYC. I’m from victoria Australia! Feel free to add me on fb:mads amelia

Looking forward to meeting you all!


Hey Mads
Good work on joining, not long to go now!
Are you doing anything else why you are over there or just the tour?


Hey Matt - you’re doing exactly the same as me! Are you in LA prior to the tour departing? I’m in LA 7th/8th and have free time in between the tours in NYC as well! :slight_smile: So happy that someone else has similar travel plans!


Hi all, Nikki from NZ! :slight_smile: Is there a facebook page for this group? Happy to set one up if not. I’m on Coast to Coast (Road Trip USA) departing LA 9 June 2016 (arriving NYC 2 July) (am also doing USA & Canada Adventure departing NYC 5 July - 17 July)
Can’t wait to get started!! I’m off to the UK straight from NYC.
Looking forward to chat meeting you all before the trip (and of course looking forward to the trip itself!)


Hi Brendan! Yeh I am travelling to NYC, Washington and Vegas after the tour. Also spend five days in Canada in Victoria with a friend :slight_smile: :+1:what about you?


Hi all,

Facebook Group started:

Please feel free to join so we can keep in contact :slight_smile: