Road Trip USA January 2nd 2017 - January 25th 2017 Ex NYC


just wanting to know who else is doing the Road Trip USA?

would love to chat and find out more about you guys, what you are packing, what you plan to do on your free days etc.

shoot me a message!!



Also doing this trip June 2017 :grinning:


I’m going April next year! so excited! :grinning:


I wanted to deport 19th April, but my fiancé and I are getting married April 22nd :cry: we just missed out! June it is :heart_eyes:


There is a group of us doing it in December and we will finish up on the 02nd January after our New Years in New York tour :slight_smile:


oh awesome!
I’m also doing the New Years in New York tour but through a different Company as Topdeck sold out :frowning:


Hi, I am doing the 2 January Road Trip USA Tour!!!

I am also doing the NY New Years Topdeck Tour. I’m glad it’s sold out but not glad you didn’t get on it!

I know I will be packing lots of layers and coats because it’s going to be so cold!! Not sure what else yet!

I can’t wait!!!


Oh that’s awesome! When are you getting into NY before your New Years tour? I get in on 29th and am staying at the YMCA Vanderbilt, I’m sure we may cross each other’s paths on our New Years tours, but glad to finally find someone else going on the road trip with me! Do you know if any Facebook groups with others on the same road trip?


I’ve been trying to find a Facebook group but could only find one for tours before the NYE one that are then going on the NYE tour.

I too am arriving on 29/12 not sure where I am staying yet as the travel agent is sorting that out for me! The place where thr NYE tour stays was going to be $700 for the night so she is looking elsewhere that is close.

I was glad to have found your post so at least I know someone before we go on tour!


I’ll send you a private message on here :grinning:


Sounds good!


Hey ladies

I’m doing New York New Years then coast to coast on the 2nd Jan don’t know if we will cross paths


Hi Skye, I’m doing the New York New Years tour.

It looks like we start together and then meet back up at around day 11 in New Orleans? Not entirely sure if we will join but I’d assume if we’re in the same place we would?


Hey Alicia and Sheree, Im doing the 2nd Jan Road trip trip as well!!!
I would definitely like to know some people before going on it too!!
lets talk!!!


Hi Elizabeth, sorry I just saw this! Add me on Facebook - Sheree Shez King. We’ve also got a group on Facebook you can join


Thanks so much for this! Just added you!
Yes i’d love to join the group, that’d be great!
thanks again :slight_smile: