Road Trip USA (ex NYC) 27th June - 23rd July 2017


Hi Everyone,
My name is Emma,
Myself and my friend Zoe are doing the Road Trip USA ex NYC 27th June and was wondering who else will be coming along on this trip. :slight_smile:

Zoe and I met earlier this year on another Topdeck tour both travelling solo around europe and loved it so much we decided to book another and well, here we are…:grinning:
we would love to chat to anyone else coming on this trip. Zoe and I are arriving in NYC on the 22nd to do some pre top deck exploring :heart_eyes:

Looking forward to hearing from you all…x


Hey Emma and Zoe,

I’m traveling solo from Australia and doing the Sunshine States part of the tour (leave at New Orleans). I arrive in NY on the 20th. Look forward to meeting you guys in a few months!



Hey Tom,
Looking forward to meeting you. Where Abouts in Australia are you from? I love in Sydney and Zoe is a Kiwi living in London :slight_smile: not long to go now, time is going so fast.



Hey Emma, iv been looking at doing this tour, i live in New Zealand and my sister is also a kiwi living in london. She will be meeting me in New York!


How exciting I can’t wait for this tour to start :blush: I’m in NZ at the moment, I met a few girls that live in Auckland on my last topdeck and came over for a quick visit. Where abouts are you from? I love it here


I’m living in Yeppoon, QLD at the moment, it’s about 7 hours north of Brisbane. You’re not wrong about how quickly it’s coming up! If anyone wants to meet up earlier in NYC let me know.


Im down in Palmertson North, Im looking at doing a europe tour right after this one, whos in lol


Hi Emma,

I’ve just booked this tour! I’m travelling solo from Canberra, pretty scared as I’ve never travelled alone but I’m excited to meet new people!

Olivia :slight_smile:


Hahaha I wish.


Hi All,

I am also a solo traveler coming from the U.K. Its my first time travelling and i’m treating it as an extended holiday so will only be in NY the night before.

Cant wait to meet you all in person. :slight_smile:



Hey Olivia,
How exciting!!! I know exactly how your feeling right now, that’s how I was last year when I did my first topdeck around Europe! First time I’d ever left Australia.
Now all I want to do is travel. :yum:
The trip is coming up so fast.
Zoe and I are staying at the pre tour accommodation.
Hopefully we can all get together the night before and have a drink.


Hi everyone
I’ve made a Facebook group for this tour so we can chat and get to know each other a little bit more before we start our tour :blush:
The link is


Hey everyone :slight_smile:

I’m travelling solo from the UK and I’m doing the Sunshine States part of this tour. I’ll arrive in New York on the 25th. Can’t wait to meet you all!



Hey Emma!

I’ve just booked into this trip, doing the Sunshine States part of it so ending in New Orleans. I’m going to be in NYC for the four days prior to the trip so would be keen to meet anyone there on the Monday!

I’m from NZ, and this is my first Topdeck but have travelled a fair bit in the past. Super keen for this!!



Hey Jacinda
When I booked this trip I didn’t realize it was many different ones joined into one quite a few people and coming and going throughout the 27 days.
I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and would love to meet up before we leave :blush:
Zoe and I did topdeck last year in Europe that’s how we met, Our European tour was amazing and hope this one is even better :laughing:


I also love the Disney park, that’s how if we lived in a paradise. I will also love to go with you.