Road trip USA ex NYC 24th oct 17


Hey all,
My names Sahra. I’m from Australia and I’m travelling with my boyfriend. I will be doing the road trip USA ex from NYC on the 24th October… just wondering if anyone else is doing this trip? Would like to get to know you all thats doing the trip :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m Kate, I’m going to be on this trip too! I’m from New Zealand and am travelling solo. So excited! :blush:


Hey, Kate! Nice to meet you! I’m super excited for this trip! :smiley:


Hi. I’m Te-Ahna from Australia and also travelling solo. I’m on the sunshine states part of this trip. So I’ll be with you guys until New Orleans:)


Hey Te-ahna, woohoo! Are you excited?


I am also travelling solo from New Zealand. I join this trip in New Orleans. So excited and can not wait.


Can’t wait to see and meet you in New Orleans when you join the party :smiley: D


When you travel around NYC, since it’s the biggest city in the world, you might want to take advantage of transportation by getting an application on your phone. Compared to other States, NY has great system of transportation.


What are you guys planning on doing in Orlando? I’m going to do universal as I’ve done disney before. But I’ve just found out that because we’re there around halloween. The theme parks have halloween events ! There’s the disneyworld halloween party on the 29th the day we get to Orlando. You can go to the park from 4pm to midnight. I’m definitely doing it! Tickets are on sale now and it looks like they usually sell out. There’s also the universal one. Which I’m considering doing on the 30th, but was wondering if anyone else is keen. It looks like it’s meant to be pretty scary.


I was planning on going to Disney, but those Halloween events sound so cool! Are the tickets just on the Disney/Universal websites?


Yeah just on the sites. They have special halloween events that you don’t get on the normal day pass. It looks like heaps of fun


I’m doing universal in Orlando and doing both parks! My Mum and dad did the Halloween houses a few years back and said they were really good but I’m not a huge fan of pooing myself hahaha! So I’ve heard that isle of adventure (the huge ride side) in universal normally gets pretty quiet around 5pm cause everyone goes to the other side for the scary house stuff. Not doing Disney as I’m going there when we get to LA cause ill be in la for an extra 8 days. :slight_smile:


Haha yeah I’m considering not doing the universal one cause I’m the biggest scardy cat ! But I’m doing both parks at Universal just so I can go to both harry potter parks ! I’ll definitely be doing the Disney halloween night, it has a younger target audience so hopefully I won’t get too scared haha


I think Disney will be less scary because as you said its a younger target… there will be a lot of families with young children there as well. Universal is pretty scary the houses are scary movie themed. Eg. It, Halloween, nightmare on elm st, silent hill etc.


But yes gotta do both universal parks for harry potter. Keen to try a butter beer haha


Oooh now I’m tempted to do Universal in Orlando and just go to Disney when I’m in LA afterward! You can just buy regular tickets at the gate right, so I can decide when I get there if I want?


The Disney Halloween event is literally called “Not-So-Scary” so that one definitely sounds like a better bet for us by the sounds of things hahaha


Do it!! Come with us haha! Universal is way bigger than LA one too…! How long will you be in LA for after the tour Kate?


And yes you can buy the tickets at the gate… Much cheaper online prior to going though