Road Trip USA (ex. New York) Sun 21 Aug - Tue 13 Sep


Hi :slight_smile: Just wondering if anyone else is doing this tour? I am doing it on my own so would love to chat to some of you before we meet.
Thanks :slight_smile:



Iā€™m looking into it but this is will most likely be the one Iā€™m doing. Also doing it on my own :smile:


ohh awesome!! :slight_smile: where are you from? ar you going to do any time in LA or NY before an after? im excited!


Iā€™m from Newcastle, Australia.

Yeah Iā€™m organising to stay a few nights in both before and after the tour.

Me too!


oh awesome im from Melbourne :slight_smile: i wanna do disney land universal and those places :slight_smile:


Yea me too