Road Trip USA (ex. LA) May 2019



My name’s Amanda and I’m 24, a solo traveller from Aus. Have been looking at doing this trip in early May next year, curious to see if there are others thinking of doing the same :slight_smile:


Hey Amanda
I’m not on this trip but have just done a Topdeck trip in USA and it was amazing!! You wont regret it one bit!


Hey I’m Jaryd 22 and I am from Australia, I’ll be solo traveling and considering this trip early May 2019 :slight_smile:


Aw yay! I think my hardest decision at the moment is choosing between doing topdeck and Contiki for this one… they’re both much the same!


hehe, yeah they are pretty much the same.
We saw a contiki bus a couple of times on our travels

I did a Contiki tour in Europe and it was awesome too,
I felt though a bit more pressure on that trip to go our drinking EVERY night! definitely seemed more chilled with Topdeck and had more free time which was nice… plus I didnt want to be hungover for our days out sightseeing.

You’ll have a fab time no matter who you choose though.

I wrote the below post when i got back from my trip - it might have a few things in there that might help you choose :smiley:


i would have liked to do the Contiki one but it doesn’t fit in with my time line with Camp ill be working at! but yes they do look much the same!