Road Trip USA (EX LA) April 21st 2016


Hi guys! I’m a first time solo traveler from Melb and have booked the Road Trip USA for April 2016 EX LA. Was wondering who else was going on this trip?

Super nervous/excited :smiley:



I am also from Melbourne and am going on this trip and am getting very excited.

How long are you in the US for?



Hey Anna!

Oh awesome :smile:
I am getting to LA on April 16th so I can do a few days at Disneyland/LA first and then after the trip I leave on the 21st so I have extra days in NY!

How about yourself?


I am getting to LA on April 11th spending a few days there then meeting a friend in San Fran. I will be back in LA on the 20th. After the tour I am in NY till the 22nd and then a week in Hawaii to finish.

It is not long now! Do you have many things planned apart from the tour?


That sounds amazing! I wish I had the time to do Hawaii. Have you traveled to the US before?

I know, I kept thinking oh it’s forever away but it’s come up so quick! Well I’m spending the first few days in Disneyland, then doing a hop on hop off bus tour of LA on the 20th. Then in NY I’m doing a similar bus tour, possibly a bike tour of central park and going to a shopping outlet an hour out of Manhattan called Woodbury Common, which my travel agent said was a great place to shop! Besides that I just have places in mind to shop and eat haha.
Do you have lots planned?


Sorry for the late reply.

I haven’t travelled to the US before and I haven’t travelled by myself before so it will be interesting! I am thinking of doing the hop on hop off bus tour in LA as well but I will be there on the 11 - 15th. I don’t have anything booked for NY but I will probably get the NY City Pass to see the main attractions. I want to see a show on broadway, spend a day in central park, shop and everything else!

What are you looking forward to the most on the tour?


That’s alright! If it’s easier, you’re welcome to add me on fb :smile: you can search for Richelle Parker.

Neither have I, so I’m glad I’m not the only one haha.
Sounds like fun! Broadway will actually be so amazing, I actually was thinking of getting a city pass too! There is so much to do in NY, it’s hard to figure out what I want haha.

I’m really looking forward to New Orleans, just love the whole history and culture of the place. What about you?


Hey, Liv here from Adelaide, the bf and I land in LA on the 18th and will be spending a few days wondering around. We are so so excited to get going! Can’t wait to meet everyone !! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Liv! I can’t wait to meet everyone as well :smiley:
Have you got anything planned for LA or just seeing how it goes?


Well Jordan has a bunch planned I’m just going along for the ride :nerd_face: A couple studio tours I think!


We figured we wouldn’t plan too much for NY because we’ll have new friends we’ll want to do things with by then


Oh nice! Have you traveled anywhere else before?
Yeah I was thinking the same thing for NY! I mean I have a couple of things planned but nothing that’s set in stone.
Can’t believe it’s nearly time to go already :smiley:


We did a topdeck tour in Europe 2014 which was amazing! What about you?


42 days until fly out day :laughing:


Oh amazing! This will actually be my first trip overseas by myself. I’ve gone on a cruise to Vanuatu with my family but it’s just not the same haha.
Only 40 days before I fly out :smiley:
I realised it’s probably time I start organising what I’m going to take!!


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Hi everyone
I’m doing a southern charm trip from Miami to NYC leaving May 5. I am told that It joins onto the end of your trip. I haven’t travelled solo before and am excited to meet everyone


Oh yay! So exciting. I keep forgetting the USA roadtrip is actually two separate trips combined into one, so it will be great meeting so many different people!!


I can’t wait to meet everyone either. Not long til you guys start your trip!! See you in Miami


Getting so keen guys!! :grin::grin: