Road Trip USA (ex LA) 31st Jan 2016


Howdy all!

I’ve booked onto this trip leaving from LA on Jan 31st, 2016. It’s my first time travelling overseas by myself, I’m super excited!

Is anyone else doing this tour?


Hi lana,
I have booked the same tour as you, my first time overseas and I’ll be travelling alone aswell!


Hooray! That’s wonderful! :smile:

Are you coming from Australia?


Yes, I’m from Adelaide! :slight_smile:
Where are you coming from?


Woo! Radelaide!

I’m coming from Sydney. I’m flying out on the 27th of Jan to LA for a couple of free days (how silly am I- flying the day after Australia day :grin:)

Do you know when you’re arriving?


Oh ok awesome :slight_smile:
You’re brave haha I wouldn’t want to fly out after Australia Day! Hopefully you will just sleep on the plane

I’m arriving in LA on the 29th!


It honestly didn’t even occur to me until a couple days later after I booked the flights…whoops :sweat:

Anyways, do you know where you’re staying in LA? I was looking at a hostel in Hollywood.


haha oh well, I’m sure you’ll be fine!
I’ve just booked the top deck pre-accommodation for when i first arrive in LA :slight_smile:


Oh groovy! I completely forgot that TopDeck did pre-accomodation. What’s the name of the place called, I might check it out.

Do you have plans before the trip starts on the 31st? I desperately want to check out Disneyland hahaha :relaxed:


Oh, oh my gosh, I just realised we’ll be in the country for the superbowl!!! hooray!!


Hiiii I also will be doing this trip solo☺ from Australia as well from cairns looking forward meeting u all!!


Hey Rachael, awesome to hear :smiley: Just over 4 months to go, I’m very excited!! Are you flying in on the 31st of Jan?


Just over 2 months to go now :smiley: I’m super dooper excited! :dancer: Anyone else doing this trip?


Hey All, my friend and I have just booked this tour too. So excited… 78 days to go😀 I’m from Toowoomba and my mate is from Townsville.

We are arriving at Top Deck Pre Accommodation on the 30th.

So looking forward to it😀


Hey! I just booked to go on this tour as well! I’m coming from New Zealand and arriving in LA the morning of the 29th if anyone else is around for those days before
I’m SO excited!! :smile:


I’ve booked the pre accommodation as well arriving on the 29th! Hopefully i’ll see you around!


Hey Lucy!
I know what you mean about excited! Where are you staying in LA beforehand?
I arrive to LA on the 27th Jan.



Hey Alanah!
I know I only booked last week so now I’m full on into planning!
Staying at The Miyako Hotel (where we are meeting on the 31st) from the 29th just for ease, and land pretty early like 6:30am so have that full day. I’m so keen to check out Santa Monica so I’m happy I’m getting there a bit early. Do you know where you are staying?


That’s fantastic! I booked way back in 2014, it’s been a long wait for me haha!
I’m staying at USA Hostels in Hollywood, but I check into Miyako Hotel the night before.
I’m going to Disneyland on the 28th, but after that I’m just kind of winging it. I was intending to check out Santa Monica if/when the weather is nice.


Disneyland will be amazing! Jealous! Yeah I haven’t put a lot of thought into what I’ll be doing just starting to look into things now - but I’ll be around for those two days if you’re planning on doing anything! Fingers crossed about the weather I’m totally stumped about where to start with packing haha